Pico Bricks Mini Lab for Makers – Make, Run, Split, Merge

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    Who are We and What are We Doing?

    We are the core R&D team of niche leading maker store Robotistan.com. As 5 electronics and marketing professionals, we have been working on this project tirelessly for 1 year. Now we are in the final stages with our Kickstarter period. Our final product and all the ecosystem are ready for production. Right now we are executing our marketing plan. With your help, we hope to succeed on this campaign as we did with the previous one.

    Past Crowdfunding Experience?

    We can proudly say that our previous experience in IndieGogo was a big success with The Tinylab which is the predecessor of Pico Bricks in our opinion. It was funded by 85 000$, much more than 25k which was our goal at the beginning.

    After this beautiful experience, we wanted to achieve a new one. Based on our past experiences; We have prepared Pico Bricks, which is much more comprehensive, contains up to date technology and is much better designed. Thus we believe that our new Pico Bricks has much more potential and will achieve a bigger impact in the worldwide maker community. 

    What is Pico Bricks?

    Pico Bricks is a multifunctional learning and development ecosystem which is powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico board. Its breakable and modular design results in a fool-proof learning environment. On the other hand, it has full flexibility for using nearly all components around the world. To summarize, it is basically a Raspberry Pi Pico addon system for much more reliable and easier usage.

    Who is it for?

    No joking. It is for all people that have an interest in electronics and coding. Thanks to incredibly flexible design and software environment;

    • A beginner with little knowledge in coding can use it without any electronic skills due to its modular design and beginner-friendly IDE + Simulator.
    • A beginner with little knowledge in coding can use it without any electronics skills thanks to its simulator and tons of example projects. You can even use it only in IDE without a physical Pico Bricks!
    • An expert with good knowledge in electronics can use and develop its modules with high flexibility. The carefully written Docs allows for changing the logic of modules. Also, you can create your own modules in its built-in protoboard!
    • An expert with good knowledge in coding can use Pico Bricks with little knowledge in electronics. All the modules are pre-assembled on the board. You just need to write your codes in Pico Bricks IDE and click RUN!

    Platforms That Support Pico Bricks

    Why Should You Support the Pico Bricks Project?

    From our perspective, we are dividing the maker industry into two. One is the hardcore component world which needs great knowledge and experience if you want to work on high-quality projects. The other one is the modular cards world which is much easier to use and learn but also developed by big brands making it much more expensive for an average maker.

    So we have mixed these two worlds in the Pico Bricks Board. How?

    • Using widely known generic components on it. No fancy expensive components.
    • Beautifully designed but not luxurious, we used sturdy and affordable materials.
    • We do not add extra profit to our price like big brands. Our aim is to distribute the product all over the world. 
    • It’s modular, if you are from a member of the first group, just break the modules and use them as standard components. Otherwise just do not break them, it will be the easiest development board for new makers!

    Pico Bricks and Features:

    • From our experience, we know what modules you will need most when you start your maker journey. Robotistan.com has been selling educational electronics for 10 years proudly!
    • Much cheaper than real-life examples. If you buy all Pico Bricks modules and a Raspberry Pi Pico from big brands, it will nearly cost you 3X!!
    • Suitable for all ages and levels thanks to its flexible design and environment.
    • No cable spaghetti and soldering! Pico Bricks has built-in connectors on all its modules.
    • Carefully written Docs and Pico Bricks IDE + Simulator make it almost foolproof for all levels.
    • Nearly unlimited connection possibilities you can use; 
    • Built-in protoboard for your very own custom modules.
    • Ready for the IOT Revolution! Just connect an esp8266 to the right connector. Voila! You have wireless now!
    • Ready for classroom usage. Thanks to our simulator, only one board is enough in a learning environment. Students can use the simulator and avoid extra costs.
    • Pico Bricks IDE + Simulator: Scratch-like Ide with the built-in block editor, code editor, project library, simulator example codes, tutorials, and a real console.

    Which Development Platforms Supported by Pico Bricks?

    Pico Bricks Promotional Video is Online

    Picobricks, which includes many features and provides great convenience to the makers, has released its first promotional video. You can reach the promotional video on the kickstarter platform, where it received its first big investment, from the video/link below.


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    Table of contents

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